101 Ways to Work with an Asshole

(And Succeed Anyway)

101 Ways to Work with an Asshole

101 tried-and-true solutions (that won’t get you fired) for dealing with that coworker!

It’s time to start strategizing! Get creative with these techniques for dealing with the jackass down the hall, including:

*Protect Your Reputation (page 158)   *Explore the Backstory (page 54)   *Read Machiavelli (page 150)   *Own Your Ideas (page 23)   *Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (page 57)    *Search for the Win-Win (page 167)   *Avoid Social Media (page 42)   *Look for Triggers (page 145)   *Suggest a Promotion (page 15)

Overcome and outmaneuver your office nemesis with these 101 innovative methods!
  • Cider Mill Press | 
  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781604337419 | 
  • November 2017
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