Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

Read by: Boyd Gaines
Guilty Pleasures is a hilarious collection of 21 essays recounting the irresistibility of (among others): o Therapy and Antidepressantso Milking Parents for Casho Marrying Moneyo How to Prepare for and Secure the Perfect Daytime Napo TVo Having AffairsEight Midwestern women also satirize their on-and-off addictions to food, eBay, toenail polish, gossiping, buying beads, and baby talk. Take their obsession with stockpiling toenail polish, for example: Tart, natural, rose cellophane. Shake gently . . . Sheer honey, gun metal, fresco. The thing to do at midnight . . . Sri desert frost, peach melba. Glob and dab the wand, stroke lavishly, smoothly . . . Blue lagoon, lilac mood, passion flower. Read something. Watch bad TV. Crème, enamel, high gloss, french. When dry, cover with white gym socks. Go forth.The authors unlocked the vault to expose what women everywhere really like to do. In writing Guilty Pleasures, these "otherwise good girls" uncovered a global secret sisterhood who enjoy pampering themselves in intensely personal delights.
  • Simon & Schuster Audio | 
  • ISBN 9780743548007 | 
  • March 1998
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Lawrence Sanders

Lawrence Sanders, one of America's most popular novelists, was the author of more than thirty-five bestsellers, including the original McNally novels. Vincent Lardo is the author of The Hampton Affair and The Hampton Connection, as well as five McNally novels. He lives on the East End of Long Island.