Ral Grad, Vol. 3

Ral Grad, Vol. 3

(Book #3 of Ral Grad)
Illustrated by: Takeshi Obata
R to L (Japanese Style)

During a bloody war, a child is born at the cost of his mother's life. From this baby comes forth a huge and powerful dragon born of shadow that lays waste to the landscape. A quick-thinking knight locks the baby in a cage of darkness, where he grows to be a young man, knowing only the kindness of his young female tutor. Until the day the Shadows attack...

ChangeHot on the heels of Ganette, a fellow Shadow on the same warpath to Opsquria's castle, Ral's ego leads him to make reckless mistakes. Alienated from his companions and racing ahead on his own, he heads straight into the enemy's sticky trap. Without the guidance of his tutor Mio, can he overcome his pride before it costs him everything--even his own life?!
  • VIZ Media LLC | 
  • 168 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781421522159 | 
  • February 2009
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