Safe and Secure

10 Essential Steps for Seniors to Protect Against Financial Abuse

Safe and Secure

Thieves and scammers are on the prowl for easy targets who have significant exposed assets—and if you're a senior citizen who saved for retirement, you may be the perfect mark.

Fran Tarkenton, the NFL Hall of Fame quarterback who became a succesful entrepreneur, has partnered with financial executive and software developer Rick Gossett to present this practical, up-to-date guide to scam-proofing your savings during your golden years.  Safe & Secure will give you ten specific actions steps that will turn you from an “easy” target into a “hard” target. A well-prepared senior who understands the potential for financial abuse and has taken the precautionsrecommended in this book is more than likely to remain safe and secure through a long and comfortable retirement.  
  • Regnery Publishing | 
  • 100 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781621578420 | 
  • January 2019
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