Franken-Sci High

Welcome to Franken-Sci High, the only school in the world for aspiring mad scientists and the sons, daughters, and experimental offspring of famous mad scientists.

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What's the Matter with Newton? ON SALE7/2/2019
Monsters Among Us ON SALE7/2/2019

About the Author

Mark Young

Mark Young’s brain is most definitely the result of a mad scientist’s experiment—it simply refuses to function like other brains you might know. In the “real” world Mark makes a living as a multiple Emmy winner who has written and produced the animated movies, Once Upon a Forest and All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 as well as worked on a bunch of animated TV shows for Netflix, Disney, ABC, CBS, and NBC. However, in his “inner” world, Mark believes that Franken-Sci High isn’t actually his creation but a real school where future mad scientists learn how to create synthetic eyeballs, travel to different dimensions, and design inflatable pets. Mark lives in downtown Los Angeles with his wife, Grania (who thinks his Emmys are soccer trophies). Between them, they have four amazing children. Visit him at



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