Voltron Legendary Defender

From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe comes Voltron Legendary Defender! DreamWorks Animation reimagines one of the most popular fan-favorite shows from the 80’s in this all-new comedic action-packed series for today’s audience.

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The Voltron Coalition Handbook

Voltron is back in a new hit Netflix series, Voltron Legendary Defender, from DreamWorks Animation! Don’t miss this ultimate collector’s guide to the Coalition for Voltron fans, new and old!

Congratulations! If this guidebook is in your hands, it means you were recently freed from Galra rule—welcome! By now you have likely heard about Voltron, a robot that defends the universe. Voltron is piloted by five brave Paladins, but they cannot do it alone. That is why they need you to join the Voltron Coalition and help restore peace to every edge of the universe. This guidebook comes complete with handwritten notes from the Paladins about different worlds, their lions, the allies in the Coalition, maps of the Castle of Lions, and much more! Now, don’t get your Weblum in a twist—read this official guidebook!

This full-color guide is an experience-based, must-have for all Voltron fans!

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Shiro's Story ON SALE5/1/2018
Pidge's Story ON SALE5/1/2018
The Voltron Coalition Handbook ON SALE8/28/2018
Keith's Story ON SALE8/28/2018

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Jesse Burton is an editor and author of children’s books. He has lived most of his life in different towns along the Hudson River in New York. Jesse frequently takes long walks along the river for inspiration!



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