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Bailey Rhatigan

Bailey Rhatigan is the magic behind your meal prep and the voice behind the wildly popular food blog  Through her life experiences, she developed a passion for creating healthy, delicious meals.  Bailey’s recipes are primarily plant-based but incorporate smaller amounts of animal proteins providing the flexibility to meet everyone’s dietary needs and taste choices.  Above all, Bailey understands that time is most important, and she caters specifically to the busy lives of her followers by providing meal-prep ideas, budget friendly ingredients and time saving recipes.  Her meal-plans have been hailed as the gold-standard in plant-forward meal prep and she continues to challenge herself and her audience to always find the best way to incorporate plant-focused meals, while still giving them the time to do everything they love outside of the kitchen.  

 You can also find more about Bailey, her fantastic recipes, prep tips and life’s little adventures on her Instagram @ sailor_bailey.  

Books by Bailey Rhatigan