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Clark Matt

About The Author

Matt Clark is a seasoned expert in sales, marketing, and business development, with more than a decade of experience in various industries from energy to telecoms and more. His particular set of skills came from door-to-door sales in both the UK and South Africa where influence, connection, and strong sales processes were the name of the game. He found his passion in teaching other people how to become successful while running his own company.


At the age of twenty-three, he started a telecom sales company that grew 100 percent per year and by year three was doing more than $6 million dollars in sales. The company was the fastest growing in the industry. Matthew understood that having strong sales processes and systems to manage and automate was the absolute foundation to successfully growing a business. He has since transferred this skill to businesses in many different industries and they too have experienced just how effective this can be. Matthew has helped over 1,700 entrepreneurs get massive results and change their lives. 


As the founder of The Virtual Edge, Matthew and his team coach and consult and help entrepreneurs create systems that help their clients increase profits up to fivefold, free up at least sixteen hours a week, and convert clients effortlessly so they can build a business that has sustainable growth, and has a massive impact with their clients.


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