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Claw Money

A two-toned, three-taloned CLAW paw has been sprawled in aerosol across walls around the world since the early 1990s. Whether lolling in the East Village or lazing in Los Angeles, lounging in Amsterdam or living it up in Milan, the instantly identifiable icon maintains a fun, fabulous, and feminine allure, despite the grit and grime that makes graffiti a man's world. One of the first writers to use an icon as her throw up, CLAW is of the rarest breed: the female graff King. Not content to beat the boys at their own game, CLAW also designs her own clothing line, Claw Money, as well as a jewelry and accessory line, literally creating her own street style. Emblazoned on t-shirts, sweatshirts, purses, and panties, her emblematic icon gets love from everyone, be it graff legends or new jacks, riot grrrls or fashionistas, or school kids and soccer moms. A magazine fashion editor, brand consultant, vintage clothing collector, and lady about town, Claw Money is New York City's best kept secret.

Books by Claw Money