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Daniel Stuart Olmes

About The Author

Daniel Stuart Olmes is a husband, father of twins, entrepreneur, and Aerospace and Defense executive residing outside of Washington, D.C., in the Northern Virginia suburbs. He is currently the president and chief operating officer of a mid-sized government contractor and is an avid reader, runner, and volunteer, spending most of his time on the baseball field as a Little League coach. He has founded two companies—Middleburg Capital and Hellen Systems—the first being a commercial real estate investment firm, and the second, a technology company focused on a national security initiative to create a ground-based back-up for the Global Positioning System (GPS). He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology at Virginia Tech in 2000.

Jamie Clarke has seen teams from the inside and the outside: Olympic teams, NHL teams, sales teams, and start-up teams. What connects them all is pressure—external or self-imposed. With his own hard-won philosophy of risk management—and a storytelling technique that can take you from laughter to tears in minutes—Jamie leaves it all on stage. He recharges audiences with a new perspective on success or failure, and risk or reward, with strategies for tackling obstacles to reach new levels of success. You can learn more at his website:

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