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Francesca Bonadonna

Francesca Bonadonna is the force behind Plantifully Based, the wildly popular destination site for vegan inspiration, ideas, and recipes.  At the age of twenty-three, while pursuing her study of opera, she experimented with a thirty-day vegan trial. Once she discovered the extraordinary benefits, her experiment became her lifestyle. In 2016, she decided to bring her passion to the world. Combining her love of food and her ability to make strong connections with people, she began to build her presence online.

Today, Francesca lives in New York, where she brings daily food joy through her amazing recipe creations, beautiful photography, and creative food styling. She delivers plant-based, vegan-friendly comforting flavors and textures that are healthy and approachable.

For more on Francesca and her journey, visit, follow her Instagram, @plantifullybased, and visit her YouTube channel.

Books by Francesca Bonadonna