Hans Fischer

About The Author

Hans Fischer (1909 - 1958), born in Bern, Switzerland, was a Swiss artist, author, and illustrator of children’s books. He studied art in Geneva and Zurich and worked on animated films, designed shop windows, magazines, mural paintings for schools and for the Zoo in Bern, stage sets for the Cabaret Cornichon, and a vast number of book illustrations. His fabulous creatures, always drawn with scientific precision, have enriched the imaginations of countless generations of children. He also wrote and illustrated the international best-seller Pitschi, about the little cat that always wants to be something else. Hans Fischer’s work was displayed at many exhibitions and won numerous awards. Hans and his wife, Bianca Wassmuth, had three children, one of whom—Kaspar—also became an artist as well as an actor.

Books by Hans Fischer