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Jacob Ehrbahn

Jacob Ehrbahn is a Danish photojournalist whohas been a staff photographer at the Danish dailynational newspaper Politiken since 2003. Over theyears, Ehrbahn has covered prominent news storiesas well as the daily lives of people throughout theworld. He has received numerous awards for hiswork, including being named second and third placeNewspaper Photographer of the Year by POYi in2003 and 2011. He's a two-time World Press Photowinner with second and third-place prizes in 2004and 2013. In 2015 he was named Photographer ofthe Year in Denmark for the third time. From timeto time, Ehrbahn delves into labors of love on theside, away from his full-time job. Headbangers is oneof these projects.

Books by Jacob Ehrbahn