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Jeff Kutas

About The Author

Jeff Kutas has stolen many ideas, at least that’s what he has heard countless times since reinventing himself after losing a brick-and-mortar health food business after thirty years. In the process of doing so, he reinvented the mailbox! Jeff knew in the days of dial-up that online shopping would eventually challenge his business. When Amazon started selling more than books in 1999, he knew had to diversify or die. Through his persistence, the business lasted another seventeen years.


Jeff has since circled his wagons in the Cowboy Capital of the World where he is now accelerating MB Sentinel, the world's first aspirational brand of mailbox safes. Jeff is well on his way to meeting his new potential with two patents, multiple trademarks, and a Texas Association of Builders (TAB) 2021 Star Award for Best Product since making this pivot in late 2017.


His Box Gobbler, Box Sentinel, and Mailbox Sentinel package delivery safes are like elite special forces in the war against porch pirates. When Jeff is not pushing the accelerator on MB Sentinel, he and his incredibly attentive Labradoodle Lilah retreat to Kamp Kutas for a Sunday reset with family. For more information, follow Jeff at 


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