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Minai A.J

About The Author

Dr. A.J Minai is the co-founder and chief memorability officer (CMO) at Vision 77 Ventures, an early-stage business angel accelerator with a portfolio of ventures across the USA, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East and North Africa since 2016. 

V77 is on a mission to handpick, empower, and equip 77 founders to build their dreams into 77 profitable purposes around the world.

His mantra in life is “Impact over Influence” which he instills across Vision 77’s plethora of branding, design, blockchain, professional services, education, healthcare, property, and training ventures.

A business storyteller at his core, he proliferates stories hoping that they shift people towards a better mindset and, in turn, a better future. Having spoken at over 270 events globally, Dr. A.J Minai via Vision 77 crafts impactful stories for both personal & professional brands so that they 10X their memorability, thereby 10x-ing their revenue.

Books by Minai A.J