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Raghavan V. Venugopal

About The Author

Raghavan Venugopal is currently an Executive Director, a member of the C-level team at Wiwynn International Corporation, an industry leader in Cloud Infrastructure Integrator segment partnering with Top 10 Service Providers in the world. Prior to this he was the Director of Engineering and Product Development Strategy at HPE, responsible for Cloudline Servers that catered to the Service Provider segment. Throughout his career he has transformed organizations with his unique Customer centric approach to success resulting in 250% increase in revenue, 40% increase in time to market, 30% efficiency in costs, 50% improvement in quality and 42 new patents in 3 new technologies.

Raghavan holds a bachelor’s in engineering from Annamalai University, India, Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee Tech University, and an Executive MBA from Jones School of Business, Rice University. Raghavan holds 27 patents and has twice been published.


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