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Shunya Pragya

About The Author

Shunya (author’s pen name) is deeply curious to understand the nature of self. To quench his thirst for knowledge, he has spent a considerable part of his life learning various Eastern and Western philosophical traditions, yogic, and meditation practices with a focus on mindfulness techniques. He is a member of AMRA (American Mindfulness Research Association).


His core values are learning, creativity, and making authentic relationships. Thus, he enjoys sharing his learnings with others through courses, poetry, writing books, and blogs. His last book: O Beloved–Being, Becoming, and Beyond was on Amazon's bestselling list and garnered substantial support from readers in different countries.


In his daily routine, he practices various styles of yoga and mindfulness (Vipassana) meditation. He has designed various mindfulness courses and coaches curious souls in this discipline. 


He has around twenty years of industry experience in the professional domain, and has worked in the Big 5 consulting firms and is currently employed with Microsoft Corporation as a principal program manager where he leads various large-scale and complex programs.


He maintains a simple and ordinary lifestyle, living with his parents, wife, and two sons in Seattle, WA. Interested people can connect with him via, or via LinkedIn at Rajesh Fandan | LinkedIn


Books by Shunya Pragya