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12 Lessons in Business Leadership

Insights From the Championship Career of Tom Brady

Foreword by Jack Daly
Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Expert analysis of the leadership style of Tampa Bay Buccaneers​ quarterback Tom Brady!
The merits of business leaders are under scrutiny more and more these days, whether it’s Travis Kalanick, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, or many others. But there’s one place where true leadership is always revealed: on the field. And no matter what you think of the New England Patriots or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you can’t argue with the success of Tom Brady, the winningest quarterback of all time. Both revered and hated by football fans, Brady is loved and respected by those who work with him, and his leadership abilities cannot be denied by even his harshest critics. The skills he uses to make his team successful year after year on the field can be executed in the workplace, whether you’re a team member, team leader, or CEO.
In 12 Lessons in Business Leadership: Insights From the Championship Career of Tom Brady, authors Kevin Daum and Anne Mary Ciminelli team up to analyze the strong leadership abilities of the six-time Super Bowl Champion, and translate them into accessible, practical lessons for any stage of your career.
In this easy-to-read, entertaining book, the authors help you acquire and practice all the skills you need to have a championship season every year of your career. Practical and instructive, this book makes the perfect gift for anyone looking to rise in their particular vocation or looking to emulate one of the most respected leaders of today!
Each chapter focuses on one of twelve leadership lessons gleaned from Brady’s career and why it matters in your life and career. In the Executing the Play section of each chapter, the authors outline best practices on how leaders can apply that lesson in their workplace, as well as share exercises leaders can complete to develop and strengthen the skill and implement the lesson.