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Bad Medicine

The Horrors of American Healthcare

Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

What you don’t know about the American healthcare system might kill you.
From fatal malpractice to Medicare fraud, Dr. Stephen Soloway has seen it all over his thirty years practicing medicine. Now, the man known as “Dr. Trump” is ripping off the Band-Aid and exposing the truth about the American healthcare system—the good, the bad, and the rotten.
Page after shocking page, you’ll discover the truth about where the coronavirus came from, and if we’ll ever be able to cure it.
Learn the sad reality of what Medicare for All would mean for our nation.
Find out why you should stay away from hospitals as if your life depended on it. (It does.)
Dr. Soloway explains the medical tips and tricks that could save you from amputations, years of pain, or even death.
Appointed by President Donald Trump to the President's Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition, Dr. Soloway is a leader in his field, who sat on numerous boards and panels in the pharmacological industry, along with national advisory panels for major companies involved in arthritis or osteoporosis research. His uncanny ability to diagnose even the most complex cases has earned him the reputation of being a real-life Dr. House—minus the pill problem.
Beyond his savvy insights into the secrets of our medical system, Dr. Soloway also shares his own rags to riches story, and how dedicated medical professionals can still succeed in this difficult environment.
Ultimately, Dr. Soloway has a diagnosis for all Americans: Our healthcare system—and our country as a whole—is headed for disaster. The prescription? Read this book to find out.

About The Author

Product Details

  • Publisher: Skyhorse (October 20, 2020)
  • Length: 264 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781510762459

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Raves and Reviews

Bad Medicine is a must-read for anyone concerned about the future of America’s healthcare system. In gripping detail, Steve Soloway illustrates the frightening realities we face and what the nation must do going forward to ensure our survival. He also shares the secrets patients need to know to live healthier and happier lives. Fascinating and enormously valuable, each chapter of this profound examination will be cited for years to come.”
—Chris Christie, former New Jersey Governor

"A good read about the perils of the failed American healthcare system by a longtime friend. Check out Bad Medicine by Dr. Steve Soloway."
—Donald Trump Jr.

"Given the complexity of medicine and medical politics, Dr. Soloway makes you feel at home as he conflates issues. He involves the reader—makes you think and helps you advocate for yourself. His knowledge of the topics covered makes this an enormous accomplishment. Don’t miss one page! Let’s hope he does another book. A TERRIFIC AND MEMORABLE READ. Most engaging. A ONE OF A KIND."
—Ariel Nakash
“Chilling, timely, and provocatively written—a book that should be on the shelf of every lawmaker, medical school student, and patient. Bad Medicine provides the wake-up call that American healthcare needs.”   
Michael H. Brisman, CEO, Neurological Surgery, P.C.
“Steve Soloway uses his rare gift—a combination of deep medical expertise and extensive public policy experience—to deliver an unvarnished assessment of today’s pressing healthcare issues. With so much at stake, both during a pandemic and within a treacherous political landscape, Bad Medicine is a landmark accomplishment.”
Congressman Jeff Van Drew
“It’s a real page-turner. Your near-death experience made me feel like I was in the hospital room with you. So raw, honest, educational, REAL. You think ‘out-of-the-box’ and that makes you a cut above the rest! It flowed and was very well-written. Loved your suggestion about taxes.”
Cindy Resnick, renowned New York podiatric surgeon
“This book combines the elements of memoir, meditation, and manifesto; and its scope takes the reader from molecules to mountain climbing. Appropriate for a veteran physician, Dr. Soloway weighs in on the thorny topic of the American healthcare system—and surprisingly, he makes it a good read.”    
James Montren, Stony Brook University Faculty Committee on Health Professions
“This well-needed book is ready for all libraries and all tastes of medicine, health care, and political overlap. An easy read and most informative!”
Tom Brady, businessman
Bad Medicine gives a comprehensive and in-depth look at the challenges the healthcare industry faces and best practices on how to navigate these challenges. A must-read for anyone looking for solutions to problems. I have a full understanding of issues, both political and non-political, that interfere with the healthcare delivery that we have. I, like others, assumed all doctors were the same. It's clearly elucidated through the brilliant writing of Doctor Soloway that this can't be further from the truth.”
—Michael L. Testa, Jr., New Jersey State Senator
“A dose of raw in-your-face truth for anyone who can handle it. I’ve witnessed and experienced firsthand the atrocities described in this book. Due to negligent physicians, I was left with an outwardly visible tumor for two years before I was finally diagnosed with cancer. This book explains exactly how and why stories like mine are sadly more prevalent than not. It can help patients understand the ways the system is broken—giving them a chance to navigate it better!”
 Fame Cohen, owner, Fame Luxury Stone
“With his laser sharp intellect, instinct, and acute knowledge of medicine, business, and politics, Dr. Soloway brings a unique combination of power to the table. His words are sincere, succinct, and powerful. He speaks echoes of all the problems in today’s world that need to be addressed. It offers great solutions. It was a great read.”
Rik Mehta, US Senate candidate
“A must-read! It is somewhat cathartic to have a medical professional shed light on what so many patients are experiencing and can’t make sense of! Very informative and empowering!”
Sandy Cohen, New York/Hamptons artist
“It truly is all about his patients and comfort of others. In the world of Bad Medicine many of you will realize that one good doctor, namely “Dr. Soloway” can make a difference in your own space and time and there is no room for anything but the best. The book is a fast enjoyable read!!”
Cindy Montgomery, renowned national designer
“Eye opening and very sobering. Dr. Soloway has given the patient/consumer great insight into the world of medicine: past/present, and future. First-class work.”
—N. L. DePace, MD, FACC

“Dr. Soloway is a true expert with chutzpah. You have to possess serious chutzpah to take on the medical industry—as you will see in his book. We trust doctors with our lives and the lives of our loved ones. This book pulls the curtains of obfuscation aside. Stephen Soloway is ‘New York brash’ and his book provides vital insights into a subject where many lives are on the line, while remaining entertaining at the same time.”
—Michael W. Cutler, senior special agent, INS (Ret.)
“Dr. Soloway is one of The best doctors in America. This is the first and only book to reveal the perils of medicine today, and he reveals the shocking Truth. You can bet your life on Dr. Soloway’s expert advice. The book is so engaging. I started and 300 pages went by in minutes! GREAT INFO! A MUST READ for anyone that was, is, or will be a patient one day!!”
—Martha Boneta, President of Vote America First
“Never have I read a book so truthfully sad yet informative to the medical underground! You will enjoy his blunt, direct, no-nonsense approach to medicine and the faults of our medical system as he sees it from an insider’s view. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn more about our medical system, arthritis, self-determination, and Never Giving Up.”
—George A. Dendrinos, MD
“I was tempted to say that Soloway’s book is the tale of a man who became a king in his profession but didn’t lose his head—as well as to comment, ‘They don’t make them like Doctor Soloway anymore, but somebody should figure out how before it’s too late.’”
—Athanasios Papastamelos, DO, infectious disease specialist
“This book will be a catalyst for positive change as it will save lives and improve the quality of lives.”
 Christopher J. Lotz, self-employed

“Steven Soloway is a gregarious, compassionate, passionate, lust-for-life, renaissance-man, ‘teddy-bear’ of a doctor with a great desire for medical and, more importantly, clinical knowledge. His search for this knowledge is not for knowledge‘s sake, but to be the best doctor he can be for his patients, and his friends, and family. He is not afraid to state that he is the best, and he certainly is one of the best in the world! He brings his brand of brutal honesty to the world of healthcare. I say ‘brutal’ because he knows what he knows, and more importantly, he knows what he does not know and is not afraid to say it. Enjoy the read, but honor the author and become an advocate of change to truly make this healthcare system of ours again the envy of the world.”
—J. Colombo, PhD, DNM, DHS, CTO & Senior Medical Director, Physio PS, Inc.

“The smartest and most practical doctor alive shares secrets that patients need to defend themselves.”
—Robert Feferman, MD, venerable endocrinologist
“If you’re a patient with questions, you MUST READ this book.”
—David Weksel, BS, MBA, MS, mechanical engineer, inventor, venture capitalist


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