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Blown Red

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Susan Philpott’s pulse-pounding debut is “a pacy action-packed thriller that will leave you gasping” (Peggy Blair, author of The Beggar’s Opera).

Like a runaway train, Signy Shepherd has been blowing through danger signals all her life.

Recruited to the Line, a shadowy underground railroad dedicated to helping women in peril, Signy has no idea that her first solo case will set her on a collision course with a renowned photographer concealing a murderous past; a relentless tracker with an explosive secret; and her own violent demons.

Set during the height of a brutal heat wave, the pressure mounts as Signy and her young passenger race across the country toward a sanctuary that proves to be a deadly illusion.

Photograph (c) Stephen Philpott

Susan Philpott holds a master’s degree in both science and social work. She has worked as a university teaching assistant, zookeeper and mental health professional. The mother of three grown children, she lives in the wilds of Ontario with her husband and yellow lab.

Shortlisted for Northern “Lit” Award 2015

“If you like Rick Mofina’s novels, you’ll love Blown Red ... a pacy action-packed thriller that will leave you gasping. […] Finally! A kickass female protagonist in a thriller who rings true.”

—Peggy Blair, author of The Beggar’s Opera

“Plucky heroine Signy Shepherd never backs down from a fight, and has all the odds stacked against her. You’ll cheer her on as you blow through the pages of Blown Red.”

—Deryn Collier, author of Open Secret

“Gripping from the very beginning! Philpott’s suspenseful storytelling and unique characters will pull you in.”

New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin

“Philpott’s guiding hand is sure, and the tension radiates throughout the cross-country trip. […] Philpott has a knack for creating compelling relationships.”

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