Cat's Cradle & Other Fantastic String Figures

All the Tricks and Catches of the Cat's Cradle–Hours of Tangled Fun!

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About The Book

Rediscover the magic of the classic string games that have been passed down for generations with CAT’S CRADLE!


This fun activity kit that makes the most popular string games simple to do, in a fully illustrated easy-to-use format. Timeless and simple, CAT’S CRADLE features dozens of string games that have been played around the world for hundreds of years. Learn it all, from Cup and Saucer, to the Eiffel Tower, to Fishing Spear, to Jacob’s Ladder!

This kit provides instructions for the most popular string designs, including a colorful loop of string to help you get started.  The colorful book covers an entertaining history of string figures, the basics of looping string, and common starting positions and moves. It also illustrates a progression of the popular string figures, from easiest to most difficult.

Step-by-step illustrations and several simple tricks and catches offer an easy to follow lesson about string games.

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