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Choose Your Own Adventure Eighth Grade Witch

Illustrated by Valerio Chiola
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The first official Choose Your Own Adventure graphic novel!

Choose your own adventure as Rabbit, the new kid on the block enters a ghoulish world of nightmares, witches, and ghosts. As Rabbit, readers will get to choose which adventure, or nightmare they'll embark on. From learning about the mysterious witch Prudence Deadly, trouncing through spooky graveyards, meeting ghostly ancestors, or channeling some witchcraft with classmates. No one path leads to the same destination, will you choose a path that leads to the light? Or will the path you choose lead to a gruesome end? You get to decide!

E.L. Thomas is a writer and game designer who has worked on numerous treatments, story bibles, and scripts for animation. His most recent credits include adapting Choose Your Own Adventure titles into graphic novels and co-writing the pilot for the Organauts animated series. He is the co-creator of the gaming periodical Rolled & Told. His additional game credits include working on supplements for the Aliens RPG. He lives in the midwestern United States with his comely wife and three spoiled dogs.

An Ennie Award-winning game writer, creative director, and sci-fi author with twenty years of industry experience, Andrew E.C. Gaska is also the Senior Development Editor and Head Writer for Lion Forge Animation. In addition to developing STEAM education projects, Andrew has adapted two classic Choose Your Own Adventure books to graphic novel form. He is a freelance consultant to 20th Century Fox, maintaining continuity and canon bibles for Predator and Planet of the Apes. The lead writer of the ALIEN Role Playing Game, he lives beneath a pile of action figures with his glutenous feline, Adrien.

Valerio Chiola is an Italian comic book artist lives in Rome. He is co-created and illustrator of Bulloni, a children’s books serie published by Round Robin Editrice in Italy and Carambuco Ediciones in Spain (with the title El Tuerca). He has also collaborated with Italian Edizioni Erickson and Abc