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Cold Dead Hands

By (artist) Lee Milewski
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Aspiring mercenary, Kit Kelso, comes wrist-to-wrist with the deadliest hands in history. This collects the complete mini-series.

Kit Kelso’s father was the greatest mercenary of the 21st century. Having grown up in the shadow of his legacy, Kit is ready to make a name for himself in an industry filled with his father’s accomplishments. He wants to surpass the fame of his predecessors and become the greatest mercenary thats ever lived. There’s only one problem. He’s terrible at it. Until he crosses paths with the cursed hands of Athos Matis, and comes wrist-to-wrist with the most powerful weapon in the history of killing-for-profit.

Garrett Gunn is an American author best known for his work in independent comics with publishers like Source Point Press. Garrett began his writing career in 2013 after sustaining injuries while deployed to Afghanistan. Upon return to the states, Garrett was medically retired from service due combat-related disabilities. Prompted by behavioral health professionals to pursue writing as a therapeutic outlet, Garrett dove into the world of comic writing and would eventually go on to author a number of successful series, two children’s books, short stories and novels.