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Colleen Dewhurst

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Before her death in August 1991, Colleen Dewhurst spent two decades working on the notes and tapes that would make up the pages of this autobiography, giving readers a complete sketch of the woman known as one of the greatest actresses of her time.

“Over ten years ago, I had an idea that brings me to this very moment,” are the words of Colleen Dewhurst that led her to recall and record the numerous stories of her life that led to this book.

Including stories of her experiences mothering a daughter who wrestled the domineering strength of her mother’s will, being a student of Tyrone Gutherie, Harold Clurman, and Joseph Papp, winning multiple Obies, Tonys, and Emmys, and her lifetime as a friend whose laughter and easy willingness to share joy, pain, and random ridiculousness of life invited many into her heart.

Interviews with friends of Colleen’s, such as Ellen Burstyn, Jose Quintero, and Roscoe Lee Browne enhance the pages of this autobiography, telling the story of a life filled with indelible impressions and stunning influence.