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Death in Vineyard Waters

Martha's Vineyard Mystery #2


Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries now a movie series on Hallmark Channel starring Jesse Metcalfe!

J.W. Jackson returns in another unputdownable mystery as he searches for answers on a beloved locals strange death on Marthas Vineyard.

Professor Marjorie Summerharp was reborn on Martha’s Vineyard—her mind sharpened by the island’s gentle waves and whispering breezes. So why would she walk into the ocean on a warm June morning, to be swallowed up forever by the sea? Ex-Boston-cop “J.W.” Jackson knows that evil can flourish even in the most serene of settings. And the more he investigates, the more it appears that the mysterious “accidental” death of the renowned local scholar was no accident.

Philip R. Craig grew up on a small cattle ranch near Durango, Colorado, before going off to college at Boston University, where he was an All American fencer. He earned his M.F.A. at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. Craig was professor emeritus of English at Wheelock College in Boston before retiring with wife Shirley to Martha’s Vineyard, where he is well-remembered for his acclaimed Martha’s Vineyard Mystery series.

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