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Published by Regan Arts.
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

In a post-apocalyptic flooded New York City, a private investigator’s routine surveillance case leads to a treasure everyone wants to find—and someone is willing to kill for.

Depth combines hardboiled mystery and dystopian science fiction in a future where the rising ocean levels have left New York twenty-one stories under water and cut off from the rest of the United States. But the city survives, and Simone Pierce is one of its best private investigators. Her latest case, running surveillance on a potentially unfaithful husband, was supposed to be easy. Then her target is murdered, and the search for his killer points Simone towards a secret from the past that can’t possibly be real—but that won’t stop the city’s most powerful men and women from trying to acquire it for themselves, with Simone caught in the middle.

"Rosen doesn't subvert the genre; he revels in it. Rather than diluting noir's shadowy textural and moral murk, his use of science fiction heightens the tension—not to mention the stakes . . . Depth is starkly glamorous, telegraphed in clipped prose and sharp dialogue that's as taut as a garrote."


"Heinlein meets Hammett in this whip-smart whodunnit set amid the billowing fog and rising waters of a future New York."

– Chuck Greaves, award-winning author of, Hush Money

"I have long admired Lev Rosen's strange, genre-bending work—his riff on the detective story is elegant, surprising, and, yes, deep."

– Dan Chaon, National Book Award finalist, author of, Await Your Reply

"Simone is a female detective in the Kinsey Millhone and V.I. Warshawski mold: tough, tenacious, and pragmatic."

– Library Journal

"Sci-fi meets detective fiction, and politics provides the glue. Lev AC Rosen has crafted an easy, fast-read, vacation-ready thriller."

– The Strand

"Rosen has written an intrigue-laden detective story that takes advantage of the setting's mystique... Secrets flow like the tide, everybody is hiding something, and trust can get you killed."

– Science Fiction Book Club

"An enthralling murder mystery set in an intriguing world... Dive in."

– The London Sun

"Everything about this book is just effortlessly cool... Depth is one of the most original crime novels I've read in a long time."

– Bookshelf Butterfly

"Rosen drew me in like a moth to a flame... Depth is a fresh take on dystopian fantasy. Rosen is a definite author to watch and love."

– Nihil Sed Tempus

"Holy cow! What a delightful mashup of ‘40s detective noir and science fiction.”

– Betty J. Roiger, The Journal (New Ulm, MN)