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Ditch the Food Rules

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All too often we allow our lives to be dictated by food. Are we eating too much or too little? Are we eating in the newest, trendiest way that our friends, family, coworkers, or the media say we should eat? In the midst of the dieting frenzy, we seem to forget to stop and ask ourselves, Are we happy? Do we feel good?

In her new book, Ditch the Food Rules, holistic nutritionist Jaclyn Irwin sheds new light on the societal beliefs about food that have shaped the diet culture and kept it intact. She details how participating in the diet culture can negatively impact our health and actually can keep us from becoming our happiest, healthiest selves. Ditch the Food Rules provides an overview of some of the most popular diets, what exactly they are designed to do, why they work, and why they don’t work. Jaclyn explains why cutting out foods and adopting a restrictive dietary model is not sustainable long-term.            

Instead, Jaclyn guides readers on how to incorporate an all-foods approach and explains how nutrition can play a role in life without becoming one’s whole life. She describes what an all-foods approach looks like in the kitchen with 25 balanced recipes made with nutrient-dense ingredients that taste delicious! Ditch the Food Rules will set readers on a path to a healthy lifelong relationship with food that goes beyond diet labels and fluctuating scales.