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Empathy Is Your Superpower

A Book About Understanding the Feelings of Others

Illustrated by Zach Greszkowiak
Published by Rockridge Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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About The Book

Show them the power of caring for others—an introduction to empathy for kids 5 to 7

Learning to understand and care about the feelings of others is one of the most important steps in a child's development—and it's never too early to help little ones build those skills. This beautifully illustrated storybook teaches young kids how to recognize and practice empathy through simple real-life scenarios that are easy for them to understand. It's written with clear language for adults to read aloud and features discussion questions and activities that encourage kids to talk about what they learned and use it in their lives.

Empathy Is Your Superpower features:
  • Empathy heroes—Little superheroes Emmanuel and Emma model easy, age-appropriate ways for kids to practice empathy every day.
  • Ways to set a good example—Kids will learn to put themselves in someone else's shoes, lend a helping hand, and inspire others to do the same.
  • Using empathy for life—Tips, reflections, and games will help adults foster empathy in children for their whole lives.

Teach kids to be kind and considerate, with a fun and friendly book about the importance of empathy.

About The Author

CORI BUSSOLARI, PsyD, is an associate professor in the Department of Counseling Psychology at the University of San Francisco, where she trains master’s students to become therapists. She is also a licensed psychologist and a credentialed school psychologist who is passionate about helping people to develop positive coping skills.

About The Illustrator

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Raves and Reviews

Empathy is Your Superpower is such an important book for kids and their caregivers because so many kids don't know how to talk about their own feelings or those of others. Dr. Bussolari has a wealth of clinical experience with a variety of people, and I love the diversity of characters and situations depicted in this book. She offers prompts that are essential in starting the conversation with kids about feelings and empathy.” —Joan Breault, EdD, LCMHC

“Every kid needs to engage with this book! Empathy is such a vital social skill. Dr. Bussolari works wonders through superheroes Emma and Emmanuel to help kids identify and understand their feelings and the feelings of others—the underlying traits of true empathy. This book's diverse cast of characters and vibrant illustrations speak to us through relatable scenarios while asking important questions that foster kindness and compassion. The last section of the book has a wonderful mix of activities for parents, educators, and caregivers to further the discussion about empathy, a true superpower. I highly recommend this book!” —Dr. Heidi Horsley, Licensed Psychologist, Executive Director of Open to Hope Foundation, and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University

“Empathy is one of those skills we all want our children to have but can sometimes struggle with teaching because it can be so abstract. Finally, there’s a book that does a beautiful job of explaining what empathy is in a way that kids can understand it and apply it in their daily lives. I especially love the activities at the end for parents to use to build empathy skills. Dr. Bussolari’s book is going to be a go-to and well-loved resource for me as a school psychologist and as a parent of young children myself!”—Dr. Rebecca Branstetter, Founder of The Thriving School Psychologist Collective

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