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Excel Saga, Vol. 2

Book #2 of Excel Saga
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Stories the director himself said they didn't dare put in the anime!

Q: What happens when you try to act like an anime character in real life? A: EXCEL SAGA. Two groups of neighbors in an apartment building lead secret lives. One thinks they're trying to take over the city of Fukuoka. The other thinks they're trying to defend it. Only their bosses, would-be conqueror Lord Il Palazzo and obsessed bureaucrat Dr. Kabapu, know the truth behind this increasingly dangerous private game... Too bad neither will let their underlings in on it!

Excel and Hyatt's nice, normal, next door neighbors Watanabe, Iwata, and Sumiyoshi are just a bunch of regular guys--who are about to start suffering from Excel Saga's chronic irregularity. The mysterious Dr. Kabapu and his devastating secretary Matsuya have recruited these jobless youth for the Environmental Security Administration--to be among the few (the five, actually), the proud, the protectors of Fukuoka. What are the odds that this joy will bring them in conflict with Excel and Hyatt, who just happen to work for their own, rival, scantily-staffed covert organization...dedicated to taking Fukuoka over? Exactly five to two in favor!

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