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Published by Humanoids, Inc.
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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Wyatt, a college freshman, suspects his roommate's frat is hiding something. Turns out he’s right. All Hail Amaymon, Demon King of the Southern Depths!

After suffering a horrible family tragedy, Wyatt is excited to start his first year at college. He attends a party with his old friend, now roommate, Jake, where Jake meets sorority girl Amber and decides to rush Omega Zeta Nu. However, all is not well at Omega Zeta Nu. As Jake gets deeper and deeper into the fraternity's initation rituals, he begins to change, and what Wyatt first sees as friends growing apart becomes something much darker. When Wyatt learns the sinister truth, it becomes a race against time to save the only friend he has left.

Jon Ellis is a recent graduate of Hofstra University. While studying journalism and creative writing, he gained exposure to the publishing industry through internships at Marvel Entertainment, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, and Valiant Entertainment.

Born in 1981, in Menorca (Balearic Islands) lived a relatively happy childhood between cartoons, books, movies, Karate classes and comics. After getting a degree in Psychology, he decided to pursue his long life dream and entered an art school to learn the basics and so become a comic artist.  His first breakthrough came in a short story, "Fracture", published by Dark Horse in the anthology "Noir". After that, he's worked mainly for north american publishers such as Dynamite, Marvel, IDW, Dc and others. He's married, father of an only child, and keeps living in Spain, because reasons.