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Gang of Five

Leaders at the Center of the Conservative Ascendacy


In Gang of Five, bestselling author Nina J. Easton reveals the hidden history of American politics in the last thirty years. It's the story of the other, less well-known segment of the baby-boom generation: young conservative activists who arrived on campus in the 1970s in rebellion against everything "sixties" and went on to overturn the political dynamics of our country. Gang of Five focuses on the lives and careers of five major figures.
BILL KRISTOL, the Harvard-educated intellectual and Weekly Standard publisher
RALPH REED, the hardball politico and strategist for the Christian right
CLINT BOLICK, the constitutional lawyer and "bleeding heart" libertarian
GROVER NORQUIST, the anti-tax activist and leader of the so-called vast right-wing conspiracy
DAVID McINTOSH, the fresh-faced congressman and architect of the Right's war on regulation
Gang of Five is a major contribution to contemporary history that explains how we arrived at the politics of today.

The Washington Post Easton tells this story [of post-Reagan conservatism] more inventively, exhaustively, and entertainingly than anyone else.

The New York Times Book Review Easton is a superb reporter.

The Wall Street Journal Ms. Easton is the Dian Fossey of conservatism. She marches into conservative hills to reveal the hidden world of these gorillas in the mist to the liberals back in civilization. Her reporting is impressive.

Jacob Heilbrunn The Washington Monthly A winner...Easton unites perceptive analysis with lively prose style.

Joe Klein author of Primary Colors Nina Easton brings a strange and wonderful cast of characters to life in a book that is serious and often hilarious.