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Get Real

Embrace Your Strengths, Accept Your Limits, and Create an Authentically Happier, Healthier You

Published by Post Hill Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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Do you find yourself constantly saying yes even when you should be saying no? Are you paying too much attention to what other people think instead of focusing on what makes you feel good?

To write a happier life story, you can take control and become the editor of your most important work—you! In Get Real, Dr. Sarah Ivens helps you identify the things that are truly important in your life, equipping you with the motivation, self-healing techniques, and actionable advice needed to improve your mental and physical well-being.

Dr. Ivens draws on illuminating research about the benefits of living authentically, adopting healthy rituals to suit your daily routine, and minimizing the negative input of social media. She pairs the science with powerful stories from her own life, sharing lessons about moving on from family trauma and ending toxic friendships and revealing the ways she stopped comparing herself to others and learned to accept herself without judgment.

This book is a gentle and inspiring reminder that it’s okay to be yourself—because everyone else really is already taken!

Know yourself: understand your goals, boundaries, and relationships
Grow yourself: nurture your worth, confidence, and dreams
Show yourself: dare to be real and trust your instincts
Slow yourself: choose peace and joy over competition and drama

Sarah Ivens, PhD, is the author of nine lifestyle and wellness books, including Forest Therapy and No Regrets. Originally from London, she now lives in Austin, Texas, after spending five years in New York, where she was the founding editor-in-chief of OK! magazine’s American edition, and two years in Los Angeles, where she worked for HBO and was certified as a life coach. Sarah’s writing blends her no-nonsense Britishness with her adopted American positivity and drive, helping to guide readers to their happiest, healthiest lives.