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Grandma Moses Pop-Up Advent Calendar

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Spend the holidays with the beloved Grandma Moses.

Greet the Christmas season with this charming pop-up Advent calendar featuring works by the beloved folk artist Grandma Moses. Each day in December, open one of twenty-four windows to reveal an enchanting detail reminiscent of the yuletide season that comes from a painting by Moses. From whimsical scenes of children playing in the snow to families sharing a meal to sketches of stockings and musical instruments, a new surprise awaits you throughout Advent. The elaborate pop-up construction is enhanced by a sliding pull tab that rocks a two-horse open sleigh.

A self-taught artist, Anna Mary Robertson “Grandma” Moses (American, 1860–1961) began painting in her seventies, and within a few years, she had become an internationally renowned celebrity. Her charming paintings of everyday life in a small country town coupled with her late-in-life success have made her an enduring sensation, even sixty years after her death. Her work is in the collection of many museums, including the Bennington Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Shelburne Museum, and The Smithsonian American Art Museum.

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