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humor for the lighter side of life

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Author of more than fifty humor books, Martha Bolton shares a joyous read with feel-good humor on every page, packed with anecdotes, quotes, and more.

It is said that a hearty laugh can burn up to thirty-five calories! That being the case, a steady diet of Martha Bolton’s humor will lighten up your life in more ways than one.

In this fun book, Bolton shares hilarious insights into the stuff life is made of—families, neighbors, dieting, difficult people, politics, marriage, the workplace, and more—as she helps readers see the lighter side of life.

Martha Bolton is the author of more than fifty books of humor and inspiration, including The "Official" Hugs Book, The "Official" Grad Book, and The "Official" Friends Book. She was a staff writer for Bob Hope for more than fifteen years and has received both an Emmy nomination (for Outstanding Achievement in Music and Lyrics) and a Dove nomination (for A Lamb's Tale, a children's musical). Martha has written for such entertainers as Phyllis Diller, Wayne Newton, Mark Lowry, and Jeff Allen and is also known as The Cafeteria Lady for Brio Magazine.

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