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Healthy & Happy

Find Food Freedom and Create the Body You Love

Published by Fremont Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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Life is too short to spend your time consumed with food and a negative body image.

For those who have spent years on the diet roller coaster, stuck in the rut of food obsession and body shaming, never finding a way to break free from those bad habits and pattern eating – today is your day to liberate.  Inspired by her successful 8 week- lifestyle makeover program, nutrition coach Julie Booher delivers the ultimate guide to finding food freedom and improving your life!  

Healthy & Happy gives you the tools you need to create the body and life you love. This book takes a light-hearted, fun approach to changing your lifestyle — everything from improving your mindset, body confidence tips, creating your own magic morning routine, and food strategies that help you become more balanced. It’s everything you need to know to finally put an end to your struggle with food, find confidence and fall in love with yourself. 

You will come away from this book being able to create more room in your life for things that truly inspire you including: building better relationships, finding a purpose and learning that the more we trust our bodies, the more it opens the door to having a fulfilling life.