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If I Get Lost

Stay Put, Remain Calm, and Ask for Help

Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A thoughtful book that explains to children what to do if they are ever separated from their parents in public.

Lu is excited to go to the marketplace with Mama today. It's crowded, and she clings to Mama's red coat, but when she stoops for a second to pet the cutest little puppy, Mama is suddenly gone. She looks around quickly, but she can't find Mama. She does cross paths with a little boy, Roberto, who is also lost, and has been for a while. 

Luckily, Lu knows just what to do to help herself and, now, Roberto. She recites the steps they must complete while Roberto dries his tears. Though Lu advises Roberto to stay put and to call his father on his cell, Roberto cannot remember his father's phone number—and Lu refuses to go with a stranger to his car where the man says she can use his phone. The next step is to find the police, not because Lu and Roberto are criminals, of course, but because the police will help Lu find Mama and Roberto find his father. Lu and Roberto must fight the urge to panic and trust that they'll be reunited with their parents shortly.

This sensitively narrated story illustrates how clear rules and arrangements can help protect and empower children during an especially vulnerable outing. The ending includes a straightforward list of steps children can memorize in case they are lost in the future, as well as prompts for parents to help prepare their children for this situation.

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