It's Okay to Eat Your Feelings

Break Free from the Guilt of Emotional Eating and Regain Power Over Your Inner Food Bully

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You do not have to be ashamed of emotional eating. And it’s okay if you want to stop.

If you struggle with emotional eating, you’re probably familiar with this cycle: Something stressful happens, so you shut down and start overthinking it. Shame and guilt creep in, and eventually you head to the kitchen in search of whatever your food is. Maybe it’s ice cream, maybe it’s quesadillas, or maybe it’s whatever you can get your hands on while standing in front of the fridge.

Eating to self-soothe feels almost like being on autopilot. It’s a comforting routine that calms your anxiety and lets you know that everything is going to be okay. Maybe you’re the type to eat quickly while standing in front of the fridge, maybe you frequent a drive-thru on your way home from work, stashing the trash before anyone can catch you, or maybe you prefer to crawl in bed with your favorite food and numb yourself with Netflix. Whatever your routine, emotional eating buys you a few uninterrupted minutes of comfort and safety. That is…until the guilt kicks in.

Because we live in a culture obsessed with eating less and labeling delicious foods as “toxic” or “junk,” it’s almost counterculture to not feel guilty about eating for comfort. What will people think if you don’t boast about needing to “work this off tomorrow” as you order dessert or a side of fries?!

The truth is, you don’t need to feel guilty for eating emotionally, and it’s okay to want to stop. In It’s Okay to Eat Your Feelings, Whitney Catalano, RDN, unpacks the emotional eating cycle so you can understand why it’s happening instead of just feeling ashamed of it.

The secret isn’t really that big of a secret. The guilt, shame, and next-day obsession over “fixing” emotional eating are all distractions from the original problem—that is, whatever caused the eating in the first place. In this book, Whitney teaches you how to stop the shame spiral and process difficult emotions so you can start feeling your feelings instead of just eating your feelings.

Funny, informative, and captivating, It’s Okay to Eat Your Feelings is a go-to guide for anyone who has a complicated relationship with food and an even more complicated relationship with emotions. Through client stories, firsthand experience, and a thorough understanding of the science behind emotional eating, Whitney shows you how to break free from emotional eating and take the power back from that inner bully.