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Jackie and Me

A Very Special Friendship

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As a “step” in her large family, Tania doesn’t feel like she fits in. Especially at the swank upstate hotel that the family runs, one that caters to the rich and famous NYC clientele.

One day, famous athlete Jackie Robinson pries Tania out of her shell by asking her to play ping-pong. He talks to her kindly, helping to bolster her self-esteem.

That chance encounter lead to a lifetime friendship between Tania and Jackie. From that point on, they corresponded constantly, until Jackie’s death in 1972.

A surprising, intimate portrait of an American hero and trailblazer – as told through the eyes of an innocent young girl, who grew up to share this ‘real’ side of Jackie Robinson.

Tania Grossinger has worked as a publicist, travel writer, and author (The Book of Gadgets, the novel Weekend) for many years. She lives in New York, New York.

Charles George Esperanza, illustrator of Jackie and Me, was born the second of six kids. The South Bronx is where he first opened his eyelids. A land shrouded in bright colored decay, the birthplace of graffiti and the hip-hop DJ! He paints fantasy worlds of elephants, and castles too! Accompanying this wonder is some promising truth. Charles has a voice that is seldom heard. A fusion of jazz, distorted guitars, and chirping birds. He resides in the Bronx, New York.

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