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Journey of the Nightly Jaguar

Illustrated by Robert Roth
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Inspired by a glyph on an ancient Mayan ruin, Burton Albert’s poetic and intriguing tale presents the transformation of the Mayan jungle from day to night through the nightly routine of a powerful jaguar.

In the setting sun, raindrops darken into spotted markings and the nightly jaguar begins his journey through the dark jungle as the wind whistles to the monkey’s chatter. As the night ends, he climbs into the canopy at the jungle’s edge, springs into the ocean, and rises again with sun.

Inspired by a Mayan myth from A.D. 600-900, Burton Albert shares the enchanting story of the mystical nightly jaguar with children around the world. Paintings by Robert Roth bring his special vision alive as they evoke the mystery of the lordly jaguar’s journey through the night.

Burton Albert is a children’s book author whose titles include Where Does the Trail Lead? and Journey of the Nightly Jaguar.

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