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Jungle Animals

A Spotter's Guide

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Strap on your backpack, grab some binoculars, and get ready to hike through the world’s rainforests. 

You’ll meet some of the most awesome, deadly, noisy, colorful, curious, and extraordinary creatures on the planet—from monkeys, macaws and manatees to sloths, snakes, and spiders.

And the cool thing is, you won’t even need to step out of your own front door—you can get up close to all your favorite animals as if you are really there.

Jane Wilsher is a writer, editor, and publisher of award-winning non-fiction books for children. Most recently, she launched the children’s list at Thames & Hudson. Jane enjoys researching and writing fact-packed titles for kids, who tend to ask the best kind of tricky questions, especially about amazing animal antics.