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Book #1 of Kulipari
Illustrated by Sonia Liao
Published by Red 5 Premium
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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Based on the hit Netflix cartoon, a young warrior must discover where he came from to save the future.

Based on the Netflix original series! Where the first season of Kulipari ends, Kulipari: Heritage immediately begins. Burnu, leader of the poison frogs, the protectors of the outback, has been sent on a secret mission to find the original source of the frog's power and return it to their new homeland.

Trevor Pryce is an author, television producer and former professional football player. He played in the NFL for fourteen seasons with the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. He 2013 he published the first folume of his young adult series Kulipari: An Army of Frogs. In 2016 he produced two seasons of the animated series Kulipari for Netflix based on his book series.

The CIA has been trying for years to capture and use ghosts for espionage agents, but when a mysterious mercenary gets there first and attacks an assembly of NATO top brass, the race is on to find out how it was done and if it can be replicated before the mercenary and his spectral assassins strike again. Writer Joshua Starnes and artist Lisandro Estherren mix the thrills and street-level spycraft of The Bourne Identity with the ghostly terror of Poltergeist as top agent James Calley, racing across the US and Europe searching for answers, discovers the hunter is becoming the hunted.

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