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Laura Loomer is the most banned woman in America.

Laura Loomer is a young, assertive, conservative investigative journalist who is ready and willing to ask the hard questions to uncover the truth. Her tenacious spirit and willingness to go the extra mile are normally applauded traits in her industry. Yet with every honest story she broke and reported on, and every lie she exposed, she wasn’t rewarded or thanked for her efforts. Instead, the Leftist mainstream media and big tech social media tyrants fought to shut her up and shut her down. From Twitter, Facebook, Uber, and PayPal, she was banned, defamed, de-banked, threatened, and excoriated, a real-life example of how conservative voices are being censored in America and around the world.

Laura shares her side of the extreme bias she faced. Her story serves as a historical
documentation and warning to everyone about the dangers of the monopolistic social media giants and she explains how free speech is in jeopardy.