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About The Book

Learn the strategies and techniques of some of today’s most innovative, trailblazing leaders. Each chapter of Luminary Leadership features a concentrated dose of illuminating anecdotes and actionable advice that you can employ to develop and enhance your leadership skills.


Luminary leaders: they have no set title, adhere to no singular creed, and yet…you can always recognize them by instinct, by the sheer weight of their presence. Who are these leaders, and more importantly, how did they come to acquire their skillsets? Luminary Leadership seeks to answer just that question!

Comprising an award-winning collection of authors, speakers, business owners, and entrepreneurs, Luminary Leadership is a comprehensive roadmap to discovering and mastering your own leadership characteristics. Weaving a rich tapestry of personal narratives, business insight and hard-gained wisdom, each of the authors in this anthology draws on their extensive and varied career experience to illuminate a pathway through the dark, towards the blinding lights of your own successful future.

Keep reading to discover:
  • The core components of leadership in the context of global pandemics, supply chain shortages, war, and a declining global economy
  • How to incorporate various communication styles, software upgrades and sales strategies into your existing business structure
  • Why the concept of leadership has changed for good, and what role that will have to play in shaping the next generation of high-functioning professionals
  • Real life case studies that highlight the efficacy of leveraging your own leadership talents and investing in back into your team
  • How best to optimize the daily operations of your business, offering you the freedom and flexibility to chase down the next big innovation
  • The key questions you should be asking of yourself if you want to maximize your leadership potential for the greatest impact

Pick up your copy of Luminary Leadership today to recalibrate your business leadership skills!

About The Authors

Alinka Rutkowska is the CEO of Leaders Press a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling press, where she helps entrepreneurs create books from scratch and then launches them to bestseller status with a 100 percent success rate. She has helped more than 172 authors get on the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. Her mission is to help 10,000 entrepreneurs share their wisdom with the world by 2030.

Alinka is an official member of the Forbes Business Council, and her cutting-edge book creation process has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine. 

To learn more about Alinka, Leaders Press, and how this anthology and many of the solo books of the entrepreneurs featured here were created, visit

Pippa Isbell helps leaders do their best work through the coaching, learning and development she facilitates. 

A qualified trainer, she also has an Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching awarded by the Academy of Executive Coaching. She believes coaching is about transformation. Whether in small steps over time or a major breakthrough, seemingly achieved in an instant, it is about achieving sustainable change. 

Pippa has extensive experience as a professional speaker. Drawing on her business background, she brings a blend of entrepreneurial insight, business acumen, and a practical approach to the workshops and courses she runs. She uses energy, humor, and storytelling skills to engage audiences and deliver messages which resonate. 

Her areas of expertise include leadership, presence and influence, emotional intelligence, motivation, gender diversity and inclusion, storytelling, and presentation skills.

She has a business background in leisure and hospitality. She founded, built, and sold her own public relations consultancy, was a partner in a hotel investment and asset management company, served as Chief Executive of an international public relations and digital consultancy, and was Vice President responsible for global corporate and investor communications at Orient-Express Hotels, now Belmond.

To learn more about her work, visit

Martin Rowinski is a technology executive with more than twenty-five years of experience providing leadership, developing and implementing strategic processes, and deploying new products to streamline services and improve growth in lead generation and sales. His focus is on the fields of recruiting, finance, technology, marketing, and mortgage lending. 

Martin held the role of CTO earlier in his career and is currently the CEO of executive recruitment firm Boardsi, which helps executives connect with companies seeking executive talent that can serve on either a board of directors or board of advisors. The executive recruitment company focuses on specialized services, enabling it to help companies build executive boards and more rapidly and efficiently focus on board diversity to optimize their growth potential and ability to achieve their objectives. Boardsi is a private network for high-level executives who can benefit from its services by finding board positions that match their skill levels. 

Martin is also the author of a book called The Corporate Matchmaker, which can be found on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. He has been featured on Forbes Entrepreneur, Fast Company and CEO Today. He writes a monthly article covering leadership for Forbes Entrepreneur and Fast Company.

Lance Graulich hosts the top 50 business podcast “Eye on Franchising.” He founded and serves as CEO of ION Franchising, an industry-leading franchise consulting and development group that represents over 750 franchise brands and business opportunities in every imaginable category. Lance helps prospective entrepreneurs find their perfect franchise for free. He also assists independent business owners in creating a franchise system. 

Lance started out in the family business on Wall Street after receiving an economics degree. He then joined a TGI Fridays franchise in Phoenix as a key executive and was vital to the rapid growth of this $225-million organization. Mr Graulich was a multiunit, multistate franchisee of Wingstop and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. 

He has created countless start-up brands. He is the founder of a donut chain called Pinkbox in Las Vegas. His latest start-up bakery project is with a Food Network star. 

As a business start-up expert with more than twenty-five years of experience, he has served as president of various franchise advisory councils and boards advising emerging franchise brands. He has helped a multitude of companies grow efficiently and effectively. Lance routinely provides advisory services to private equity firms covering the restaurant industry as well.

Chris Roberts is the founder and CEO of Sterling Rhino Capital, LLC. He has been an entrepreneur and real estate investor since 2007. Chris specializes in investor relations, commercial debt, and managing financials. 

He began his real estate ventures by renovating, flipping, building, and renting single-family residences before moving on to larger properties. In addition to running his own property management company to manage his smaller properties, Chris focuses his efforts on helping others create passive cash flow by investing in large, 100+ plus unit multifamily apartment buildings. He has led Sterling Rhino to acquire and manage 1,122 units across the country with an estimated value of more than $122 million. 

Chris is an author and member of the Forbes Real Estate Council. He has been a contributor on BiggerPockets and also hosts the Charging Forward podcast where he interviews extraordinary entrepreneurs. He is an enterprise partner with Feeding America and is passionate about teaching and giving back to the community. Chris enjoys spending time with his wife, Christina, and traveling the world. He and Christina have been married for eleven years and have two dogs, Bentley and Oliver.

Sharón Lynn Wyeth was an internationally recognized name expert. She could determine one’s strengths, challenges, and the purpose of one’s life by deciphering a person’s name. Sharón created Neimology® Science, the study of the placement of the letters in a name, after fifteen years of research. 

Sharón assisted HR business departments to narrow down interview candidates. She also assisted lawyers in how to present cases to judges and helps couples and families to communicate better. Sharón also created names for new businesses and new products and when people wished to change their name. She wrote several bestselling books and was a frequent guest on radio and television. In memoriam to her wonderful life and work.

Kumar R. Parakala is a global business leader and technology entrepreneur with over two decades of experience building high-growth businesses in global consulting firms. He currently serves as the president of GHD Digital, a business founded after the global professional services GHD acquired his award-winning company Technova. Earlier in his career, Kumar worked with KPMG, leading its global technology advisory practice and serving in executive leadership and managing partner roles. 

With over five hundred board director briefings as a trusted advisor and nonexecutive director, Kumar works extensively with publicly listed boards and CEOs and served in nonexecutive director roles. 

Respected among the foremost thought leaders, President Clinton invited Kumar to the Clinton Global Initiative. Ranked in the top 50 most influential technology leaders, ACS inducted him into its Hall of Fame, conferring him with the Honorary Life Membership (HLM). As an international digital business transformation and innovation expert, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, AFR, Financial Times, ABC, CNBC, and several media outlets featured his thought leadership. When not at work, he pursues his passion as a jazz musician.

Nicolette Freeman is a senior executive, IT strategist, and transformational leader, recognized as a transformation expert and influential C-Suite partner. She currently serves as Vice President and Senior Partner with IBM Consulting where she heads North America Global Business Services. A champion for customer centricity, Nicolette deploys advanced analytical methodologies to identify opportunities, reengineer processes and technology, and optimize operational excellence. 

Before joining the corporate sector, Nicolette was a U.S. Air Force Officer. She served on several global tours, including Iraq and Kuwait. In her last role as Logistics and Programs Director for Air Force Space Command, she managed a $42B global outsourced avionics contract and was recognized for outstanding Airforce Leadership by the U.S. Inspector General. Her previous command positions included Director of Logistics Support Division for the U.S. Air Force Academy; Joint Basing Director/Strategic Initiatives in Washington, DC; Logistics Readiness Squadron Commander; and Director of Operations in Iraq and Kuwait. 

Nicolette can be reached at

Brett Currier is the Founder and CEO of VetGigs, a talent marketplace with the mission to help veterans and military spouses find a new purpose after the military through lucrative careers in technology, consulting, and other professional services. Veterans build a wealth of skills and experience in the military. VetGigs aims to give them the best opportunities possible to carry that value into the civilian workforce. 

Brett started his career in the US Army and Army National Guard, where he served for twelve years. His service included a tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. Brett has had the unfortunate experience of losing several “battle buddies” to suicide. He now seeks to make a scalable impact on the 22+ veterans a day who lose their battle tragically. Brett is an alumnus of Deloitte Consulting, where he was a key part in the launch of the Higher Education Future of Work and Future of Commercial Talent Acquisition service offerings. He now works at Huron Consulting Group, where they have shown incredible support of the VetGigs’ mission. 

To learn more about how the VetGigs team is helping the veteran community and business leaders with the war on talent, visit Veterans begin their journey to finding new purpose after the military through VetGigs, where business leaders can access world-class veteran talent for their organizations.

Ms. Fadwa Saad AlBawardi is a Saudi Arabian entrepreneur who have established her own consultancy office in KSA (  in order to provide consulting services in Digital Transformation and its strategies, including AI strategies, Business Intelligence, Data Governance, Digital Economy, and Strategic Planning. 

Ms. AlBawardi’s entrepreneurship efforts aim to help individuals (researchers and academics), as well as private and governmental sector organizations, to build their strategic plans and improve their strategic and operational performance through identifying and analyzing key issues, provide recommendations to resolve them, as well as plan KPIs/OKRs to monitor performance progress. 

Ms. AlBawardi is a Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional, as well as an Information Technology and Performance Management Senior Consultant, with more than twenty-one years of working experience. Ms. AlBawardi earned a master’s degree in Computer Science from Boston University, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the American University (Cairo), a Strategic Planning course from Harvard University, and has been awarded two strategic planning certificates (UAE).

Gennady Feller is the Founder and President of Safe Partner, a Silicon Valley-based, boutique software development and consulting company serving the world since 1995. A member of the Forbes Business Council and San Francisco Business Times Leadership Trust, Gennady is a full-stack engineer and entrepreneur. His work has improved numerous businesses by handling their software design, development, implementation, ongoing maintenance, and customer support.

Louis Columbus is an enterprise software leader, writer, and industry analyst with experience in marketing, product, sales, and strategic planning. His passion is creating and launching new enterprise applications, leading industry solutions teams and their go-to-market strategies. Previous positions include vice president, director, and senior management roles in various enterprise software and cloud computing companies and start-ups. 

Mr. Columbus’s academic background includes an MBA from Pepperdine University and Strategic Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, and Digital Value Chain Programs at Stanford University Graduate School of Business. In addition, Louis teaches MBA courses in international business, strategic planning, and market research. He is also currently a member of the faculty at Webster University and has taught at California State University Fullerton, University of California, Irvine & Marymount University. Mr. Columbus has also authored sixteen books on IT-related technologies. 

Louis is also a columnist for several leading publications, including VentureBeat, covering AI, cybersecurity, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Connect with Louis on LinkedIn to learn more.

A native New Yorker from the Lower East side, Johnny Marines played a huge part in the meteoric rise to fame of the Latin American group Aventura and global Bachata star Romeo Santos. Prior to his career in the music business, Johnny started out as an NYPD police officer, eventually rising to the rank of sergeant. During the course of his career with NYPD, he was awarded twelve Excellent Police Duty medals. For his work helping Romeo Santos’s career, Johnny was selected three times as one of the 30 most influential people in Latin music by Billboard. 

Johnny has never lost sight of his roots. He has devoted significant time and resources to giving back to the community, including helping to create and fund a nonprofit sports academy and establishing the Johnny Marines Blessings Foundation to support educational advancement initiatives within New York City. 

More recently, Johnny has become a serial entrepreneur, owning several nightlife/restaurant venues. He is also a real estate investor and tech investor who serves as a strategic partner for several tech startup companies. Additionally, he serves on the advisory board of the music app Trubify and the alcohol beverage company YaVe Tequila.

Stephanie Crowe helps leaders multiply their people’s performance for 10x ROI. She strongly believes that it is people who power businesses, and she helps them achieve their goals by identifying and revealing often hidden paths to business success. Steph is the leader of the Worldline group’s learning, development, and transformation efforts. 

She utilizes creative learning methods to connect the dots for talent globally, helping people feel aligned and fired up so they can multiply their impact. 

Prior to joining Worldline, Steph held several senior-level global learning and development roles and founded her own learning company. She started her career as a principal consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers. Steph helps organizations make the most of their greatest asset: their people. She has helped people and organizations convert what are perceived as business roadblocks into tremendous opportunities for over twenty years. Her strategy is to use an integrated approach to holistically evaluate a company—its challenges and opportunities—in order to identify the clearest and most direct path to overcoming barriers and properly aligning personnel with organizational objectives. She earned her bachelor’s degree in International Studies from American University and received an MBA from The Wharton School, graduating with honors from both institutions. 

It’s all fun and games until somebody learns something!

Beth Jannery is Founder of Titan——a strategic communications consulting solutions company. Titan has two key offerings: consulting for clients in private and public sectors and Titan Consulting Certification for people who want to start their own consulting business. 

Prior to Titan, Beth served as Bureau Chief for Raytheon Technologies, a $64 billion-dollar multinational aerospace and defense conglomerate with 174,000 employees. She was Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and Senior Vice President for a billion-dollar company with 7,000 employees. Beth is a USA Today.

Rick Yvanovich is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, executive coach, serial entrepreneur, techie, Brit, baby boomer, and professional bean counter (hence FCMA, CGMA, FCPA). Rick has spent more than forty years in supermarkets, accounting profession, breweries, newsagents, defense manufacturing, IT, talent, F&B, property development and BP, living in the UK, China, Singapore, Switzerland, and Vietnam. 

Posted to BP China as Finance Manager, Rick then relocated to BP Vietnam in 1990 making him likely the longest Brit and one of the most seasoned expats in Vietnam. He served as Board Member of BritCham Vietnam, Chairman Industry Advisory Committee RMIT Vietnam, CIMA assessor, and founder/co-founder/CFO/investor/advisor of multiple start-ups (not all of which have failed!). 

Rick is an active promoter of CIMA and a regular speaker on talent, accounting, ERP, technology, digital transformation, project management, doing business in Vietnam, UK-Vietnam and Vietnam inward investment. Rick’s coaching journey includes CCMP (2018), Leaders Create Leaders (2020), Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner (2021), OKR Champion (2021), Ikigai Coach (2021), CCMC (2021), and CBC (2022).

Dr. Aby Lillian Mamboleo has come a long way since her native Nairobi, Kenya. She is an accomplished CEO, entrepreneur, and a role model living her motto-driven course, “I’m a B.I.T.” (Billionaire in Training). She is the founder of the publishing imprint, Mamboleo Media Group. Aby co-authored Business, Life & the Universe, Volume 6, which is a No. 1 Amazon bestseller. 

Additionally, she coauthored the entrepreneurial book, The Entrepreneur’s Funding Guide: 100 Places to Get Over $100K to Fund Your Business. Achieving her success through service and heart, Dr. Mamboleo is a recognized consultant and thought leader. Having honed her skills as an advisor in the staffing industry, she went on to teach business owners innovative ways to manage, grow, and scale their business.

Dr. Prasad S. Kodukula, PMP, PgMP, DASM, DASSM,is a PMI Fellow, thought leader, coach, inventor, and entrepreneur with more than thirty years of professional experience. He is co-founder and CEO of two companies: Kodukula & Associates, Inc., a project management coaching and consulting company; and NeoChloris, Inc., a clean energy company. He has lectured on project management, leadership, and innovation in nearly fifty countries. His experience includes every one of the eleven S&P industrial sectors and forty Fortune 100 companies (e.g., Abbott, BP, Chrysler, Dow, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Kraft, Motorola, Stryker, United Technologies). He also teaches project management at the University of Chicago. 

Prasad was recognized three times by the Project Management Institute as “Best of the Best in Project Management” with a 2020 PMI Fellow Award, 2016 Eric Jenett Project Management Excellence Award, and 2010 PMI Distinguished Contribution Award. He received prestigious awards from the USEPA and the states of Kansas and Illinois for outstanding achievements in education, training, and technology innovation. Prasad is a co-author or contributing author of ten books and more than forty articles and holds four patents.

Monah Al Jneibi was raised in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and holds a Master’s Degree of Education Leadership. She has worked in the fields of Human Resources, Strategy Performance and Management and Knowledge Management for companies such as Royal Jet, Emirates Advanced Investments, Abu Dhabi Retirement, Pensions and Benefits Fund, and Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation. 

In 2011, she became the founder and owner of Quality for Life that provides management consultancy services. Through the company, Monah developed several knowledge-building projects, most notably the UAE National Games (UNG), the Art, Play, Learn Academy concept and Zayed’s Galaxy (ZG). 

Since 2012, Monah has been working on a unique project—one of its kind—the UAE National Games, which focuses on transferring knowledge between individuals and groups through physical, game-based learning. The games of the UNG have been conducted in several universities, organizations, and public events as a way to discover hidden talents in the audience. 

Since 2017, Monah has worked on designing and developing a social networking application known as BFF Gram. This multifeatured social networking application will be known for its family/friends networking capabilities and is expected to launch in 2023

A’sha Love is the founder of Multidimensional U®, a multidimensional, multimedia company specializing in the expansion of human consciousness. Through her online metaphysical programs and events, she has helped people over the world contribute to a New Earth through the alchemy of their personal transformation. In addition, she’s helped them uncover their soul calling and activate incredible innate physical abilities. Since 2015, A’sha has led experiential programs for people awakening to a greater multidimensional reality. 

After getting her undergraduate degree from William Smith College and her MA from Michigan Tech University, A’sha founded several nonprofit organizations and launched a consulting business before her metaphysical awakening catapulted her into alignment with her own greater calling. 

Her warm, loving approach provides a high-vibrational, nurturing container that helps people shift out of destructive patterns that stem from core wounding and the trauma of living in lower-density and negative programming. Many of A’sha’s clients have become powerful, impactful healers and Wayshowers in their own right. A’sha has been featured as an expert in the areas of Multidimensional Physics, Personal Transformation, and the Multidimensional Self. 

Her work has appeared on channels like Higher Self and Higher Self Portal. A’sha spends time with her family between the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, her beloved Finisterre (France), and the many different dimensions of the multiverse. She can be contacted at

Per Sjöfors authored The Price Whisperer: A Holistic Approach to Pricing Power. He’s also a member of the Forbes Magazine Business Council, a member of the C-Suite Network, appears regularly on podcasts and business radio shows, and has been quoted repeatedly in the financial press, including Inc. magazine, TheStreet, Fortune magazine, Industry Week, Business Insider, and the Financial Times. More about his business can be found at

Megan Hightower Martins, SHRM-SCP, GPHR is the Founder and CEO of POPS Enabled and serves as a subject matter expert and exam developer for the HR Certification Institute. 

Megan has extensive experience helping companies win employer choice awards year after year through fostering globally inclusive and engaging initiatives. She’s spent more than a decade optimizing and automating digital solutions for SMBs, start-ups, and high-growth, mission-driven, globally dispersed remote workplaces. 

Having supported operations throughout EMEA, APAC, and LATAM, her expertise includes global expansion, compliance, leading international investigations, systems design, remote collaboration and culture design, and process optimization in complex corporate structures. 

As a strategist and trusted consultant, she helps other businesses architect world-class employee experiences, advance corporate strategy, and access global talent—all in a cost-effective manner.

Alina Okun is a former corporate executive turned entrepreneur, angel investor, and advisor. She works on projects at the intersection of Web 3.0 and the future of work, exploring new business models of organizational design, innovative ways of leading teams, and meaningful career paths where work and life align. 

Alina has a Doctorate in Strategy and Innovation, an MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies, and a BBA in Public Accounting. She is a Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Global Management Accountant. To learn more about Alina and many of her projects, connect with her at

“Just an analyst” is how a senior leader referred to another employee early in her career. It was as if he considered the person a peasant while he was royalty. At that moment, she decided to never treat another employee as less than human, especially because of their title.

Dr. Glen N. Robison serves as Diplomate of the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry. He’s board certified in Primary Care in Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Robison is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and certified Myopractor. He’s the bestselling author of Healthy Dad Sick Dad: What Good Is Your Wealth If You Don’t Have Your Health? 1 and has been inducted into the prestigious Marquis Who’s Who. 

Dr. Robinson leads his medical specialty in the use of Prolotherapy for stabilizing ankles, repairing torn ligaments and tendons, along with reducing bunions without surgery. He was a part of a medical mission to the Kingdom of Tonga. 

Dr. Robison currently operates his private practice of twenty-two years in Mesa, Arizona, where he provides necessary services to his patients, both surgically and clinically. When Dr. Robison is not in clinic or writing books, he spends time studying and perfecting the Master of Art in oil painting.

Eric’s unique brand of visual storytelling has quickly catapulted him to social media influencer, amassing more than 250,000 social media followers in a little over a year. His content helps folks reach for what’s next in their careers, teams, and finances. A bestselling author, Eric ignites audiences internationally. He delivers keynotes and workshops, in-person and through his visually engaging vNote® virtual presentations, ideal for remote and hybrid teams. Eric currently leads teams across three enterprises and draws upon twenty-five years of team leadership in an array of settings, including:

  • Start-ups and established businesses
  • Small businesses and large organizations
  • Nonprofits and for-profits
  • Public and private
  • In-person, remote, and hybrid
  • Domestic and international

To access Eric’s content, online courses, workshop topics, books, Forbes® articles and more, visit

For over twenty years, Alexis Zen has been working in top Fortune 500 companies all around the world, focusing on change, transformation, and process improvements. Having a passion for self-development and a calling to help people achieve their dreams has led him to create a powerful step-by-step process that will transform your life forever. 

When Alexis built the wellness company Mindbodism, developed a mobile app for it, wrote a self-help book, lost 7 kilos, and launched the basketball platform Basketble in just three months, while working full time in a bank and had to care for his newborn baby, he realized that time is an illusion, and anyone can achieve what they want. 

He now shares his knowledge and experience through his life coaching, his books, and the online course “The Power of 1 Second: How to achieve anything you want,” enabling others to become healthier, happier, and more Successful. 

Alexis is also a motivational speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and teacher of Meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga, Kundalini Awakening and Latin dance. He is a Life Coach, Level 3 Reiki, and Transcendental Meditation (TM) Practitioner. 

He loves helping change people’s lives and bringing their dreams to fruition. You can connect with Alexis at:,, or

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  • Publisher: Leaders Press (January 10, 2023)
  • Length: 200 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781637351901

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