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Making The World

Illustrated by Yoshi
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Douglas Wood, bestselling author of Old Turtle, takes readers on a trip around the world to show how each living person is making an impact.

Emphasizing the beauty of nature and the constant motion on Earth, Making the World shares the intimate secret of how our unfinished world is continuously being built by each person who lives in it.

With examples such as how the waves continuously crash into the shore and turn pebbles into sand, this book will help teach your young reader about the beauty of our ever-shifting environment.

Douglas Wood is the author of A Quiet Place as well as the New York Times bestselling Can’t Do series. His books Old Turtle and Old Turtle and the Broken Truth were both international bestsellers. He lives in a cabin in the woods of Minnesota. A studied naturalist, Douglas shares his knowledge of nature as a wilderness guide. Visit him at

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