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Man to Man: Surviving Prostate Cancer


In the autumn of 1994, Michael Korda was diagnosed as having prostate cancer. For several years, he had been examined, tested, and medicated, always with the assurance that everything was all right - until it wasn't.

But the discovery of the actual cancer was only the beginning of his ordeal. With uncommon frankness, he writes of overcoming incontinence and impotence, the truth about various treatments, how tumors are graded, and the reality of the "numbers." Man to Man alternates Korda's personal experiences, including the operation itself, with help, information, and advice, as well as stories about his encounters with doctors, other patients, and the growing network of recovery groups.

Man to Man is frank, informative, and above all, hopeful - and Korda tells his story with an honesty and intensity lacking in any other work on the subject.

"Man to Man, despite its 'how-to' subtitle, is a work of literature and a fine one. The many thousands who suffer or have suffered from prostate cancer will grasp it hungrily and find in it much invaluable information and some equally invaluable testimony: about survival, about belongs, in my views, as much to the literature of battle as to the literature of medicine." - Larry McMurtry.

"Husbands and wives who read this book together will come away strengthened by his message. Knowledge means survival." - Gail Sheehy

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