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Mann's World

Book #1 of Mann’s World
Illustrated by Niko Walters
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A weekend getaway on a resort planet goes south when four friends run afoul of the planet’s working class. Stranded in the wilderness of a strange planet, surrounded by danger on all sides and relentlessly pursued by vengeful locals, they must test their bonds of friendship in order to survive.


Victor Gischler has written for numerous comic book characters such as Punisher, Deadpool, The Shadow, Spike and Angel and Faith (from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe), Conan the Barbarian, and X-Men. His work on the horror graphic novel Hellbound earned him a Bram Stoker Award nomination. His creator-owned books include Kiss Me, Satan (Dark Horse) and Sally of the Wasteland (Titan). His work as a novelist has earned him Edgar and Anthony nominations, and his novels Gun Monkeys and Shotgun Opera are currently under option for film. His epic fantasy Ink Mage novels and SideQuests have sold a quarter million copies. Gischler is a world traveler, backyard charcoal griller, and a self-proclaimed Disney nerd. He lives with his family in Baton Rouge.

“MANN’S WORLD is the ultimate vacation horror story.”

– Graeme McMillan, The Hollywood Reporter

“MANN’S WORLD #1 has a boatload of potential and is off to an interesting start. Victor Gischler and Niko Walter have a great dynamic together. The unpredictability of what happens next is enticing, and the book as a whole is a fun read.”

– Ronnie Gorham, AIPT

“MANN’S WORLD #1 is an interesting start to building a new world that really engages in shooting for the stars in world-building while showcasing some of the terrible types of humans that the audience knows well.” 

– Scott Redmond, Comicon

“The name of the game here is class warfare, the haves against the have-nots. Gischler foreshadows the exploitation and predatory nature of capitalism right from the start when the characters talk about MANN’S WORLD’s origin as a colony that got turfed out as a tourist spot because it doesn't have natural resources to exploit.” 

– Adi Tantimedh, Bleeding Cool