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Maximize Your Healing Power

Shamanic Healing Techniques to Overcome Your Health Challenges

Foreword by Carl Greer
Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

Bridging the mystical and the scientific for Maximum Medicine

• 2024 Coalition of Visionary Resources Gold and Silver Awards in separate categories

• 2024 Nautilus Silver Award

• Shows how applying shamanic and energy medicine techniques alongside allopathic medicine can shift your health and allow you to increase your life force

• Reveals how to sense the energy body in order to understand imbalances and develop greater control over your health

• Looks at new ways of viewing health challenges and visualizing the potential for healing using symbolic medicine wheels and the Andean symbol of the Chacana

For more than 20 years, Dr. Sharon E. Martin has been blending allopathic medicine with ancient shamanic knowledge to help her patients not only heal but also increase their vitality. In this practical guide to her Maximum Medicine program, Dr. Martin shows how understanding the energetics behind health imbalances and applying shamanic and energy medicine techniques can shift not only our perspective but our health, change the course of illness, and allow us to increase our life force.

Bridging the mystical and the scientific, Maximize Your Healing Power helps us visualize our potential for healing using symbolic medicine wheels based on the elements, the compass directions, the four perspectives, and the inner tasks of intuitive exploration, amplification, intention setting, and ritual. Viewing our organ systems through the Andean symbol of the Chacana can help us understand and overcome health challenges. Change and healing is enacted through the process of the Four As—become aware, allow, act, affirm—with a new mindfulness matrix amplifying and deepening the process toward a greater ability to self-reflect.

Presenting a clear, stepwise approach to attaining mastery of your health through many case studies as well as simple practices and methods to gain control over illness, Dr. Martin shows how anyone can support their own healing and experience being more fully alive.

About The Author

Sharon E. Martin, M.D., Ph.D., graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and is a board-certified physician of internal medicine with a doctorate in physiology. She is a graduate of the Healing the Light Body curriculum of the Four Winds Society and the host of two radio shows, Maximum Medicine and Sacred Magic, aired on the Transformation Talk Radio network. A doctor at a rural health clinic, she lives in south central Pennsylvania

Product Details

  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (May 23, 2023)
  • Length: 208 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644116609

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Raves and Reviews

“One of the leading emerging voices in the energy healing field, Dr. Sharon Martin is both a shaman—one who enters the energy field to facilitate healing—and a board-certified internal medicine physician. Having experienced energy healing and other dimensions since an early age, she is uniquely equipped to present an integrated path that includes both approaches. Martin might order conventional Western medical tests for a patient and then might equally investigate a patient’s soul contracts and energy patterns. She calls this ‘Maximum Medicine.’ The shamanic perspective is that the soul contracts with which you came into this life aren’t static. The book includes many invitations to self-inquiry and shamanic exercises, one of which encourages you to change the rules of the game. A superb contribution to the new paradigm in healing, Maximize Your Healing Power is highly recommended for anyone seeking to understand every dimension of their health and maximize their vitality.”

– Dawson Church, Ph.D., researcher, founder of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (NIIH

“Dr. Martin, through personal stories, shows that Western medicine can blend with shamanic practices to give a more holistic approach to healing. She outlines a clear step-by-step process, through guided meditation, to take control of the healing journey. I recommend this book for any patient who wants to go deeper into healing and also for medical students and residents who want to step outside the box and see the patient as a whole person.”

– Janene Glyn, M.D., hospital physician, Altru medical school faculty, and shamanic practitioner

“Maximize Your Healing Power is a timely and informative book offering practical techniques for blending shamanic healing practices with traditional medicine to maximize the body’s innate healing energy and take one’s power back to create shifts in health.”

– Bryn Blankinship, CMHt, CI, The Regression Specialist,© certified hypnotherapist, and author of

“With deep commitment and passion Dr. Martin offers us a bridge to merge Western medicine with shamanic and energy healing, giving us new tools and perspective with our health and lives. She asks that we activate our consciousness and awareness (and connection to Spirit, God, Nature) and suggests that through this we can affect our health and our lives. She offers great questions and tools, which can take us beyond the old beliefs that limit our expression and our health and also opens us to possibilities we may not have yet seen.”

– Lynn Berryhill, artist, energy medicine practitioner, and senior faculty at the Four Winds Society

“This is a book the world needs for understanding complete healing. I especially recommend this guide for people in the medical or healing fields who want to deepen their communication and their understanding of clients’ needs, in a very organized fashion. This book has real tools that can be used with every single client with tangible ways for every level of healing needed. If you want to ‘just’ deepen the connection with your client, this is the book for you. This guide can revolutionize the medical world.”

– Georgia Herrera, D.C., owner of Sacred Mother Healing Center and host of Sacred Magic Radio

“Dr. Sharon Martin gives us the keys to healing from around the world. Learn about exceptional techniques and principles—the ancient and the new, the technical and the intuitive, the medical and the mystical, and the tribal and the traditional. They are all here for us to discover and to use. Most importantly, Dr. Martin introduces us to our own innermost healer, awakening the sublime shaman within us all!”

– Sharon Anne Klingler, medium, spiritualist minister, and author of Answers from the Ancestral Realms

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