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Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, Vol. 5

Illustrated by Yoshiyuki Nishi
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• Previewed & promoted in VIZ Media’s Shonen Jump magazine.
• Anime in production in Japan
• Manga translated into Chinese and Korean
• Each volume has ranked in the Tohan Top 50 titles
• Harry Potter meets the X-Files.

Are you a victim of unwanted spirit possession? Is there a ghost you need sent up and away...or down to burn for all eternity? If the answer is yes, then you need Muhyo and Roji, experts in magic law. Serving justice to evil spirits is their specialty.


Muhyo is exhausted from fending off Enchu's minions, so Biko whips up an elixir to rejuvenate him. But is the elixir enough with the abominable Enchu blocking their path to freedom? What terrible scheme does Enchu have in store for Muhyo and his friends?

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