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A Mayo Clinic toolkit of childbirth tips and


Pregnancy comes with great excitement — and a little worry. For moms, especially first-time moms, thinking ahead to labor and delivery can produce feelings of anxiety and fear. Just the opposite, labor and delivery should be an exciting and joyul experience. Obstetricks is designed to empower moms as they prepare to welcome baby — and head into the incredible process of birth with confidence, knowledge and an expert toolkit.

Obstetricks is a concise guide to pregnancy and childbirth created by a Mayo Clinic based certified nurse midwife together with an experienced doula. These birth experts bring a modern perspective that is evidence-based yet rooted in long-trusted natural methods of caring for laboring women.

While many pregnancy guides overwhelm readers with information, Obstetricks packs the most essential tips and tricks for childbirth onto each spiral-bound page, focused on a single topic. You’ll find practical tips for:


  • Planning and preparing for the birth — where it will be, who’ll be there, what to pack, how to know when it’s go-time
  • Managing labor pain, including natural methods and medical options
  • Getting helpful support from your labor partner(s)
  • Keeping focused on the ultimate goal: a healthy mom and baby

The book also includes crucial pointers for nutrition and health during pregnancy, real-talk on what to expect postpartum, tips for enjoying the early days with a newborn, and more. With the unique format of Obstetricks, readers can browse page by page, dive in for a crash course, pop back in for reminders, or practice helpful tips with a partner to prepare for the main event.


                             TABLE OF CONTENTS


3          Congratulations!        

4          About us


5          Food for thought       

6          Steer clear      

7          Exercise your options            

8          The skinny on weight gain

9          Who will you see for prenatal care and delivery?

10        Doulas and labor support

11        Oh the joys!...common issues [upper body]

12        Oh the joys!…common issues [lower body]  

13        Dental care

14        Home sweet homeostasis

15        Mentally strong

BEFORE LABOR          

16        Writing your birth plan/preferences

17        Don’t leave home without... 

18        Get ready for birth                 

19        The squeeze [contractions]

20        Other than contractions, what else should grab your attention?    

DURING LABOR          

21        GO time! [when to head to the hospital or birth center]     

22        Keep these in mind throughout labor

23        The pain paradigm

24        Stay relaxed   

25        Labor positions                      

26        Set the mood 

27        Cool it, baby   

28        Warm it up                 

29        Get wet          

30        Energize!        

31        The ever-important “zone”   

32        The zone: via strength of mind

33        The zone: via a focal point

34        The zone: via the power of sound

35        Coping with back pain [part 1]

36        Coping with back pain [part 2]

37        Breathe

38        End of labor phenomena


39        Massage

40        Double hip squeeze

41        Counter pressure

42        Knowing what to say and when to say it


43        Let it go...

44        The perineum

45        Time to push!

46        Comfort measures while pushing


47        Bond, nurse, marvel, fall in love!

48        Procedures for mom

49        The look of the normal newborn

50        Procedures for baby

51        Breastfeeding secrets worth sharing


52        Heal thyself

53        Rest [i.e., act like you just had a baby]


54        Read the baby, not just the book

55        Ensuring adequate nutrition for babe

56        All is calm

57        About the back of the cards  

SUMMARY OF LABOR              

58        Overview of labor      

59        Pre-labor        

60        Early labor      

61        Active labor    

62        Transition       

63        Pushing          

64        Post birth       


65        Pregnancy sleep tips

66        Water birth 101

67        TOLAC/VBAC

68        Acupressure   

69        Some essential essential oils

70        Hypnobirthing basics 

71        The animal in us all    

72        Breastfeeding benefits for baby

73        Breastfeeding benefits for mom

74        Postpartum mood changes

75        Intriguing research

76        The jury’s still out


77        Prenatal tests and screenings

78        Additional prenatal tests/screenings

79        Monitoring mom and babe during labor and birth

80        Pain-relief medications

81        FYI: speaking of epidurals

82        Holy hormones

83        Making it through the birth canal


84        Wrong way, baby!

85        Some potential interventions

86        Cesarean (C-section) birth

87        Rebuilding the immune defense after antibiotics


88        Be gentle, forgiving, and patient with yourself  

89        Near the end of your pregnancy

90        Trust

91        Goal setting by baby steps

92        Ride the “wave”

93        Rerouting to reach the same destination

BIRTH STORIES           

94        Hello, gravity    

95        Gratitude

96        What truly matters

97        Conqueror


98        Breathe…release…love

99        Phrases mama might appreciate hearing

100      Reminders for labor support


101      Bring on the bliss

102      Getting more sleep

103      Ways to save time and money

104      For the love! [of your post-baby body]

105      Feel enlivened


106      Field notes [pregnancy memories]

107      Love at first sight [spot for ultrasound pic]

108      References/resources




APRN, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., and mother of two When Kerry invited me into her world of Obstetricks, I jumped on board immediately. I did my research, and I couldn't find the combination of this content and design anywhere else. I have over 25 years of experience working with laboring women, and this information gives low- and high-risk women alike the tools to be prepared. Pregnancy, labor, and birth don’t always go as planned, and we get that. Although focusing on the normal, Obstetricks addresses these unpredictable and technical moments too. May the fruits of our labor give positive influence to yours.

Certified Licensed Doula, Certified Postpartum Doula, and proud mama of three I want other families to be able to reflect on one of the most significant days of their lives and have blissful thoughts about the happy, healthy outcome! My two births after I’d been trained as a doula were absolute dreams. I was able to apply the tips and tricks I’d learned as a doula that weren’t taught/emphasized when I prepared for our first birth (and I really thought I’d done my due diligence). I also created Obstetricks because I wanted families to have these key nuggets of info at their fingertips, instead of needing to page through thick books with dog-eared tabs. My heart has been in health education and wellness consulting for more than 20 years, and I love when people feel empowered through education. My mission is to help families better navigate the oh-so miraculous journey of pregnancy and birth, and my dream is for your Birth Day wishes to come true!