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Old City Hall



Kevin Brace, Canada's most famous radio personality, stands in the door
of his luxury condominium, hands covered in blood, and announces
to his newspaper delivery man: "I killed her." His wife lies dead in
the bathtub, fatally stabbed.

It would appear to be an open-and-shut case.

The trouble is, Brace refuses to talk to anyone -- including his own lawyer --
after muttering those incriminating words. With the discovery that the
victim was actually a self-destructive alcoholic, the appearance of
strange fingerprints at the crime scene, and a revealing courtroom crossexamination,
the seemingly simple case takes on all the complexities of a
hotly contested murder trial. Meantime, much to everyone's surprise, the
Leafs are making an unlikely run for the Stanley Cup.

(c) Ted Feld Photography

Robert Rotenberg is the author of several bestselling novels, including Old City Hall, The Guilty Plea, Stray Bullets, Stranglehold, and Heart of the City. He is a criminal lawyer in Toronto with his firm Rotenberg, Shidlowski, Jesin. He is also a television screenwriter and a writing teacher. Visit him at or follow him on Twitter: @RobertRotenberg.

"It's clear that Old City Hall has enough hidden motives and gumshoeing to make it a hard-boiled classic." -- The Globe and Mail

"The book has wowed pretty much everyone who's read it.... A finely paced, intricately written plot is matched by a kaleidoscope of the multicultural city's locales and characters." -- Maclean's

"Twenty-first-century Toronto is a complicated place, rife with the kind of paradox and contradiction that lends a city depth and complexity. It's a good setting for sinuous legal machinations to unfold, steeped in that elusively desirable literary quality we call character." -- The Toronto Star

"A convincing portrayal of backstage operations in the justice system...An enjoyable addition to the literature of urban crime." -- The Times Literary Supplement

"An amazing debut novel. Robert Rotenberg's Old City Hall has everything a legal thriller should have, and more: absolutely engaging characters; a tight, taut, and believable plot; a heart-quickening pace; and, best of all, some of the finest writing I've read in years. This one has winner written all over it." -- Nelson DeMille

Breathtaking...a tightly woven spiderweb of plot and a rich cast of characters make this a truly gripping read.... Robert Rotenberg does for Toronto what Ian Rankin does for Edinburgh." -- Jeffery Deaver

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